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Claim your share of over $100,000 in undistributed royalties from ECCO
Posted: Wednesday December 23 2015 by ECCO Inc

Every time ECCO (Eastern Caribbean Collective Organisation for Music Rights) makes a distribution of royalties to its members and international affiliates, 25% of works performed on average, are classed as unidentifiable. Meaning, for a number of reasons such as; corrupt title (e.g. ‘Rance with me’ instead of ‘Dance with me’ to state a simple example); or the writer is unknown; or no connection between artist/performer with the songwriter;...

Posted: Friday December 11 2015 by Christine “Chrycee” Charlemagne

“All when them, na believe in me, me believe in me forever. Me ha fi have faith as a mustard seed, me believe in me. Aim beyond the stars, go fe wey you want. Work hard.”

These powerful words resound through Joel “Dynamite” Tyril’s inspirational reggae track, “Believe,” as the 24-year-old recording artiste and songwriter, in his timbre expressive voice urges his listeners to fully go after their dreams.

By his own accord, Dynamite...

Royalty Reality Check: Why EC Music Creators Earn as Little as 2 Cents Per Play
Posted: Friday December 04 2015 by Christine “Chrycee” Charlemagne

You spent hours at your computer screen—typing, deleting, retyping—just to get your lyrics right. Followed by sleepless nights in the studio till finally you had a product you were proud to publicly release. Then came music promotion—telephone calls, email blasts, social media campaigns, radio interviews, sample giveaways; the works!

You work tirelessly on your music projects, so there is no doubt that you expect, at the very least, to reap...

ECCO Chairman Honoured!
Posted: Friday November 27 2015 by ECCO Inc

[ECCO Chairman McCarthy Marie (right) as he received a Medal of Honour from President of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Hon. Charles Angelo Savarin](Photo Credit: Charles James)

November can certainly be heralded as a month of acclaim for ECCO Chairman, McCarthy Marie, who, this month, was bestowed with a Medal of Honour from the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica and an award from the University of the West Indies Open Campus...

Breaking Songwriter’s Block!
Posted: Monday November 16 2015 by Christine “Chrycee” Charlemagne

You’re driving along the highway and it hits you! An epic song title and an idea definitely worth developing. You repeat the idea over and over to yourself as you drive so you don’t forget it. Once home, You rush to your laptop and jot down those golden words! Yup! This song is going to be a hit.

Thirty minutes later, you stare at laptop screen and still all you have written is the song title. Maybe you need a little breather. You get up,...

Posted: Monday November 02 2015 by Christine “Chrycee” Charlemagne

“I didn’t get started in music, music started in me, from as far as I know… I didn’t choose music, it chose me,” said a clearly passionate TC Brown during his member spotlight interview with ECCO.

Widely known for his songwriting, music composition, productions, as a former Calypso Monarch of St Lucia, and as a senior radio announcer on the Wave 94.5, TC reminisced that at age five, he’d sit assiduously under his parent’s Bagatelle home,...

Sync Licensing: A Platform for Independent Music Creators!
Posted: Tuesday October 27 2015 by Christine “Chrycee” Charlemagne

Almost every musician works towards becoming world-renown. There is almost always a spark of hope that the latest music composition will be the one to penetrate world barriers and make its way to the ears of avid music lovers the world over.

Yet even in today’s social media society, which has made marketing and advertising easier, and has increased the potential for worldwide reach, geographic location still poses a challenge to most...

ECCO Member Spotlight: Shealdon Riley
Posted: Monday October 26 2015 by Christine “Chrycee” Charlemagne

Humbled beyond measure. This is the phrase which resonated during our getting-to-know-ECCO-member chat with Shealdon Riley.

Born in Roseau Dominica, but currently residing in Antigua, Shealdon is a composer and music producer who over the years has worked with a number of the Caribbean’s music icons, from Claudette Peters (Antigua), to Doggy Slaughter (Trinidad), Erphaan Alves (Trinidad) and TOK out of Jamaica; to name a few. Shealdon is...

Social Media Marketing: FACING FACEBOOK FACTS!
Posted: Friday September 25 2015 by Christine “Chrycee” Charlemagne

Social Media!

If you’re anything like us, pinpointing exactly when this medium became the most powerful means of marketing and advertising may be an impossible task. Even so, there is no denying the monumental impact of social media.

In the music circles, we always hear that now-a-days because of technology, it is so much easier for a music industry professional to be successful. Due to the fact that technology, including social media, has...

Royalty Time
Posted: Tuesday September 22 2015 by Christine “Chrycee” Charlemagne

It’s almost that time again! That time that most of us ECCO members look forward to! Cah-ching $$$! Royalty time! Tomorrow, Wednesday September 23rd, 2015 the Eastern Caribbean Collective Rights Organization ) will disburse to its members another royalty payment for 2015, for use of their music work/compositions.

Investopedia.com defines royalty as “a payment made to the legal owner of a property, especially patents, copyrighted works,...