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ECCO to Administer Related Rights: What does that mean for music professionals?
Posted: Wednesday February 08 2017 by Christine "Chrycee" Charlemagne

As a music professional based in the Eastern Caribbean the fact that the Eastern Caribbean Collective Organization for Music Rights (ECCO) is this year moving towards the administration of Related Rights is something which could possibly have a positive effect on your music earnings.  For starters, it means there will be another stream of music royalties generated in our region—related rights royalties, which will be payable to performers and...

Understanding Music Rights and Intellectual Property: What are my rights anyway?
Posted: Saturday November 19 2016


For as long as you could understand yourself, music has been your passion. You grew up surrounded by music—in church; at home. You gravitated towards music; always humming, singing, writing, playing or listening to music. Music constantly beckoned to you so now you’ve decided to seriously answer that call and pursue music not just as a hobby but as a career. Now you’re avidly creating a new sound; a new melody; well-crafted lyrics. You...

Your Music Team: Supporting Your Career (Part Two)
Posted: Monday October 31 2016 by Christine "Chrycee" Charlemagne

Simply put, many roles and jobs go into the success of popular musicians—a fact we touched on in our previous blog post “Your Music Team: Supporting Your Career,” where we examined the makeup of the music team often found behind a successful author (songwriter, composer and arranger), and a successful performer.

Notably the referenced teams presented by David Stopps, author of How to Make a Living from Music—a book presented by the World...

Your Music Team: Supporting your Career
Posted: Saturday October 29 2016 by Christine "Chrycee" Charlemagne

If you take the time to examine the models of successful businesses throughout the world—regardless of company size and location—you’ll likely find that beyond emphasis on the actual product or service they offer, there are key components they all pay keen attention to which play a major part in their success. Planning, Marketing, Financial Management and Customer Service.


The same applies in music business! After all if the only focus...

Posted: Tuesday October 25 2016 by Christine "Chrycee" Charlemagne

His is an undeniable legacy. A feat which he himself considers his greatest to date.

True, it was as a school boy in his Saint Lucian hometown of Soufriere that the name ‘Arthur’ stuck with him—on account of his admiration for cricketer, Keith Arthurton. If you even remotely follow his journey, you’ll know just how passionate he is about cricket, so it’s no wonder it played a part in cementing his nickname. He recalls that while growing...

Maximizing your Music Earnings
Posted: Saturday October 22 2016 by Christine "Chrycee" Charlemagne


It’s almost indescribable. The way music consumes us creatives. It’s our medium. Our passion. We’ve got this unshakeable feeling that this is what we’re meant to do. We’re at our happiest when we’re immersed in music pursuits; writing, creating, singing, playing, performing. It is our destiny. After all, as Fabienne Frederickson once said, “the things that you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.” So it is for us...

Posted: Tuesday September 13 2016 by Christine "Chrycee" Charlemagne

What initially began as an intimate mode of communication—poetry, bars, lyrics and song to express to his love the way she made him fell—soon became his means of life. As A#keem allowed his passion to spill onto paper; his smooth expressive voice resonating in the air around him; more and more, the feeling that this was his destiny began to set in.

Yet the Grenadian born songwriter, artiste and performer says it wasn’t until his three-year...

Posted: Wednesday September 07 2016 by Christine "Chrycee" Charlemagne

A society of writers & publishers, the Eastern Caribbean Collective Organization of Music Rights (ECCO) is a Collective Management Organization (CMO) responsible for the administration of performance rights and the licensing of public use of music. Through reciprocal agreements with CMOs throughout the World, ECCO represents and can license virtually the whole worldwide repertoire of copyright music for public performance, broadcast, cable...

Posted: Thursday August 04 2016 by Christine "Chrycee" Charlemagne

It all but consumed him. Day and night, sweet melodies replayed in his head. Over and over. Everything he saw, touched, felt and heard, evoked within him the need to craft his thoughts and feelings into beautiful lyrical masterpieces.  His fingers twitched to get it all out on paper. His lips buzzed to sing out loud the songs which radiated from his heart. As his need to create sweet music grew—to a point where it seemed to become even more...

Fundamentals of Music Business: Drafting a Music Business Plan
Posted: Saturday July 30 2016 by Christine "Chrycee" Charlemagne

Ah! The ever so important Business Plan! In our last post we delved into the importance of a Business Plan for Music Professionals, and provided you with a template—compliments the recently held Music Business Seminar in Barbados by ACCS, COSCAP and CDB—which you can utilize as you create your very own business plan.

Without doubt a business plan is vital to your music success and proves an essential tool which will assist you propel your...